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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Is it dramatic to say that all the steps I have taken in my career have been leading me here? Because that's truly how it feels. It's taken me 15 years, but I think I've arrived? I've worked in the field of mental health since I graduated with my Masters of Counseling in 2007. My path has taken me from a post-masters training program in DBT and CBT, to non-profit mental health education, inpatient hospital experience and suicide prevention research. I have always loved participating in and providing presentations, as well as the opportunity to create connections and relationships in my local community. I developed a website called The Therapist Toolbox to bring together therapists to share their favorite interventions in brief video clips. Ultimately I found my way back to one-on-one therapy, providing clinical supervision.


I realized I incorporated certain values of mine into my business - access to care, education & collaboration. But some others were being neglected - the values of creativity and the ability to pay forward what I had been gifted by so many generous colleagues, in the form of clinical and business resources. I had two rounds in private practice - one in Denver for 5 years in self-pay private practice, and one now in Northern Colorado as an insurance-based group practice. I think I've grown a lot, failed even more, and feel ready to share what I have learned along the way with the next generation of therapists.

Clinically I approach my work with clients through an EMDR and trauma-informed lens. I infuse parts work, ACT and DBT. I approach supervision with a supportive and encouraging style. And when it comes to training, learning and education, I can't get enough. I have found our therapist community to be generous and easy to approach. And it was still scary to launch a private practice (twice) and navigate business laws, tax laws, website creation, documentation requirements, the list goes on. It's time we have a local program that teaches us how to run a business and grow clinically. So that's why I'm here and you're reading this really long, potentially boring, introduction to myself. I hold a lot of hope and excitement for this program and I am excited to meet those of you that feel similarly.

Ariel Friese, MC, LPC

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